3 Amps Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver (M078)

3 Amps Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver (M078)
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This tiny Unipolar stepper motor driver has been designed around SLA7078MPR IC from Sanken,It is unipolar stepper Motor driver can handle current up to 3 Amps, micro-stepping upto 1/16 steps.On-board Jumpers to set the Micro-stepping, Preset (Potentiometer) to set the current.
The SLA7070MPR series motor driver ICs features unipolar drivers. The clock-in type input interface allows simplified control logic, and options for built-in sense current detection and load circuit short or open protection (patent pending) provide lower loss, and lower thermal resistance.
The built-in excitation distribution circuit (sequencer) allows motor control using only the CLOCK signal for simple operations (rotate/stop), with motor speed control by frequency input into CLOCK pin. This eliminates logic signal lines required for conventional phase-input methods, and reduces demand on heavily-used CPUs.
Unipolar stepper board is high efficient stepper driver for Unipolar stepper motor been design for various application like robotics, control routers, lathes, mills, PCB drillers and engravers.

  •     10 Pin Header connector for signal inputs, Step, Dir, 5V, Sync, Vref/Sleep
  •     Reference Voltage VS Output Current: 0.1V to 0.45V, 0-3Amps
  •     Micro-stepping via on board jumper settings
  •     Micro-stepping possible : Full Step, Half Step, 1/4th Step, 1/8 Step 1/16 Step
  •     Onboard preset for current adjustment
  •     Supply input and stepper connection via screw terminal connector
  •     Inbuilt fault protections in ic for over temp and short circuit
  •     Power supply 12-42 VDC @ 3 A
  •     DIY Kit ( Do It YouR Self Kit)
  •     For Normal Operation, V Reff should be less then 1.5V, Applying a voltage greater then 2.0V ( High level) to VREF pin disables
        the drive  and puts the motor in free state (Coast)

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